Earth Cipher is a game about global economic justice. It uses the environment as a lens to explore that topic but in a way that is lighthearted and fun, for all ages. 


You play as an endangered species fighting to save the planet. 


Your antagonists are a whole squad of mechanical minions that are infecting the land with artificial trees. 


The minions plant the trees in the ground, right beside normal trees, but the mechanical trees mature and they begin to suck all of the resources and nutrients out of the ground and turn those resources into dollars .


In the process , the mechanical minions and their masters are making money.  


A cipher is a circle. But it also represents a puzzle. In this game, the cipher represents the fusion of modern technology and indigengenous wisdom.  As an endangered species, you have to figure out how to use this magical Cipher to get powers that will allow you to handle these minions. 


This is a game about choices. Once you get powers from the cipher, how will you solve the problem of the environment being destroyed at the hands of these minions ? You can try to decomission them, you can try to short circuit them in the hopes of reprogramming them, you can ship them away to someone's else's backyard , or to another place where you plan to handle them later, there are lots of choices for how to handle this problem. 


Any choice kicks off a series of dominos in a cause and effect chain . 

Some of these cause and effect chains are not as simple as they appear.

There will be many ways to play, many ways to win and many ways to lose, but there is a lot of fun along the way and the game uses humor to engage the player in a way that is light and fun. 


In each region, you play as an animal indigenous to that area. After bringing stability to each region that you're in , you travel to various regions and keep playing until you've liberated the planet. 


Games are inherently interdisciplinary.  The player learns not only about science, ecology, and the environment, but also about global economics, social studies, and geography of various regions across the globe. The completed game is going to ship with lesson plans for educators to use at home and in the classroom. 

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